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Ketty Perry-in A Pasal Hual Orlando Bloom Nen Thla 3 Chhung Zu An Nghei Chhan A Sawifiah

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Singer Katty Perry chuan a pasal hual Orlando Bloom nen thla 3 chhung zet mai zu an nghei chhan mipui hriatah a tarlang.

Engvanga Bloom nen zu nghei nge an nih tih Perry chuan interview an neihnaah sawiin, kawppuite nena zu nghei tum chu thil awlsam leh hahdamthlak zawk a nih a tarlang bawk.

Hmanni lawka People magazine-in an kawmnaah, Perry chuan a pasal hual nen thla 3 chhung ngawt mai zu an nghei chhan tiang hian sawifiahin, London-ah Bloom chuan movie shooting a neih vanga nghei an nih thu a sawi a, helamah hian Bloom chuan a ngaihtuahna leh rilru a sawrbing a tul a, he hun remchang hi lain a pasal hual a suppport tih a sawi.

Hei bakah hian Katty Perry chuan a zu nghei chu a pasal hual a support-na ni pah fawmin zu nghei chu atan ngei pawh inremthatlehna hun remchang a ni tih a sawilang bawk a ni.

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