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Gerard Pique’an A Ex Shakira Fans-te A Sawisel Hnuah Shakira-in A Chhang Let!

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A vawikhatna atan Pique chuan Shakira nen an inthen hnuah interview a hmachhawn a, a ex singer Shakira vangin social media kaltlangin sawiselna leh deusawhna a tawk nasa tih Podcast kaltlangin a tarlang.

Shakira nen an inthen tak avanga fans te chetdan chu thil mawi lo tak a nih thu a tarlang a, a kawppui hlui Shakira chu Latin American a nih thu sawiin, a fans te chu nunna nei lo an ni tiin Podcast ah a sawichhuak a ni.

Pique’an tiang anga Podcast kaltlanga Shakira fans te a beih tak vak hnu hian Shakira pawh ngawi duh bik lovin Twitter kaltlangin Latin American a ni chu a chhuang hle tih a tarlang ve nghal a, Latin American ram hrang hrang flag nen “Proud to be from Latin American” tiin thu ziak nen social media lamah a pholang a ni.

Singer Shakira leh a fate 2 chu Pique pain in chhuahsan tura thupek a tihchhuah hnuah Miami lamah an thlawk lut tawh a, hetih lai hian eviction notice pek an ni lo niin media thenkhat chuan an tarlang ve thung.

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