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Actress Amber Heard-in Google-ah Milar Zawn Hlawhber Nihna Hauhin A Pasal Hlui Johnny Depp A Lehpel

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Defamation case avanga mite hriat hlawh tak Johnny Depp leh a nupui hlui Amber Heard te chanchin hian tawpin tai a nei thei lo a ni ber e!

Dan hmaa inbeihna ro ro ah Amber Heard leh Johnny Depp defamation trial in ngaihven a hlawh em em na chhan ber pawh, trial an neih lai chu mite hmuh theiha Live a pek chhuah a nih vang a ni.

Hmanni lawka report-in a tarlan danin, 2022 chhunga milar Google lamah zawn hlawhberah actress Amber Heard chuan pakhatna hauhin, a tlangpui thua chhutin thla 1 chhungin ‘The Aquaman’ actress hian zawngtu mi 5.6 million zet a nei ziah anga chhut a ni.

Amah dawttuah a pasal hlui Johnny Depp chu a pahnihnaah awmin, ‘Pirates of The Carribean’ actor hian thla tin zawngtu mi 5.5 million a nei thung.

A pathumna hauhtu hi mi 4 lai an awm a, Elon Musk, Tom Brady, Pete Davidson leh Queen Elizabeth II te chuan nupa inthen tate hi an rawn zui a ni.

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